Facebook Marketing Strategies that Can Boost Your Brand’s Awareness

Facebook Marketing

As a business owner you can’t avoid Facebook. This leading social networking website currently has the most active user base which is around 2.30 billion in total.

It’s not just about connecting to the friends and checking their friends etc. Over 50 % of the people who use the internet do their research regarding brands, products, services etc on social media platforms like Facebook, mostly the young people from the age of 15-25. And over 60% of its users look at the local business pages a few times a week.

A truth bomb for you: You must be on this social networking platform as a business owner.

But what should be the first step? Running ads on Facebook? What things do you need to post? Does making a business page means you are the part of Meta verse?

In this blog we will give all the answers to your questions and also give you a method of how to successfully execute Facebook Marketing step by step.

Facebook Marketing: What is it?

Facebook Marketing is a way of doing publicity of your business, brand, products, services etc on the leading social networking website. It can help businesses build brand awareness, grow an online following, gather leads, and sell more products or services.

Facebook marketing techniques consists of:

  • Authentic text, photo or video type content related to your brand
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Facebook Stories and Reels
  • Facebook Groups
  • Competitions and giveaways
  • Influencer marketing campaigns
  • Facebook Messenger chatbots or auto-responders

How to establish Facebook for your brand promotion:

The people who are working with a very low or almost no budget: You can use this social networking website for marketing without paying any cost. But, if you want, you can speed up the growth of your brand promotion by using paid services like Facebook ads, influencer/ partnership campaigns or boosted content.

Let’s begin from the starting step: One thing you need to know and that is, whether you are doing organic sharing of your content or will be doing proper systematic marketing work, you require a page. A page on this social networking platform can be created simply by providing a few details about you or your company and you are good to go.

4 Effective Ways to Make Your Facebook Marketing Successful

After creating a page you will need some solid techniques to make your Facebook Marketing fruitful and successful. Obiyan Infotech is a leading company in the field of online marketing and you can contact us to become a success in the online world.

Here are 4 ways:

  1. Know your audience

Before doing anything for your promotion, the very first thing is to get to know who your prospects or potential clients will be and what they are looking for.

Then, make a marketing and content strategy which supports that.

You need to identify your target audience through finding answers to these questions:

  1. What is their age range?
  2. What area/location they belong to?
  3. What type of work or business they are involved in or what responsibilities they fulfill? ( Most appropriate in the case of B2B companies.)
  • What are their problems, queries etc and how will your product or service resolves these problems?
  • How often do they use Facebook?)

2. Make clear targets

What is the need of gaining followers? What should they do to ensure your growth? For most business owners the answer is “Purchase something”

But it’s not always about the financial angle. Other common objectives for a Facebook Page are to:

  • Create awareness of the brand
  • Betterment of customer service
  • Maintain a constant brand value in the online world
  • Motivate your online traffic to reach your physical location

Our experts at Obiyan infotech are fully trained in making effective Facebook Marketing strategies for you to fulfill your goals. Contact us for more.

3. Make a good plan for your content strategy:

It’s always important to keep it simple; two important steps are there only:

  • What you will post
  • When you will post that

What will you post?

Would you like to show behind the scenes of what’s happening in your procedure?

Will you post some lucrative discounts and attractive offers?

Will you just post business stuff or include some fun stuff and games as well?

The research you did about your target audience will be very useful here, because you should post such stuff that appeals to your audience and make them motivated to buy stuff from you. You can use created ideas and your imagination as well to make the post more catchy and attractive.

Mix what you know about your audience with what you feel will do good and give you maximum reach.

We have all the necessary tools and trends for you, contact us and we will help you reach your content to maximum audience.

Imagine your Facebook content strategy as a baskets and every basket is a topic:

For example:

  • Company news
  • Industry news
  • Sunday Tips, where you offer a small tutorial type content for your service
  • Testimonials/ Reviews
  • Upcoming products, services and promotions

Always remember one thing, you have two main purposes to fulfill through these posts:

  1. To educate the audience about the products and services
  2. To motivate people to buy your products and services

Another thing you need to remember is these things need to be done by professionals, those who understand how this thing works on social media and we are happy to announce that Obiyan infotech is full of such people who will help you succeed in your online success.

4. Give a chance to Facebook Advertising:

Facebook ads can give you a massive boost on traffic and sales, but starting and running an ad campaign on this social networking portal can be an overwhelming task.

You also must be thinking about how much it will charge you to run an advertisement on the platform. It can be different for different types of ads, (contact us to know more).

Facebook ads can reach a massive amount of people and it’s larger than any other social media platform, which is  2 billion approx as found in 2022.

Final words:

Running a business online is a serious task and it requires tons of smart work and constructive planning etc.

So, if you are a serious business owner who wants to reach heights in the online business world contact Obiyan infotech and reach the top with us.