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Contract management is a crucial process in business operations, whether it involves clients, vendors, suppliers, or partners. It involves the creation, negotiation, execution, monitoring, and renewal of contracts to ensure legal compliance and business continuity. However, managing contracts manually can be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient. That`s why many companies in the UK opt for contract management systems to streamline their workflows and enhance their productivity.

What is a contract management system?

A contract management system is a software platform that automates and centralises contract-related functions. It typically includes features such as contract creation and approval workflows, contract templates, digital signatures, contract repositories, alerts and notifications, analytics and reporting, and integrations with other systems such as CRM, ERP, and e-procurement. A contract management system can also provide insights into contract performance, compliance, and risks, and help identify opportunities for cost savings, revenue generation, and process improvement.

Why do you need a contract management system?

A contract management system can bring significant benefits to your organisation, such as:

– Time savings: Automating manual tasks such as document creation, routing, and tracking can save you hours or even days of productivity per contract.

– Accuracy: Reducing human errors in data entry, version control, and legal compliance can increase the reliability and quality of your contracts.

– Visibility: Having a centralised repository of all your contracts and related metadata can give you a real-time overview of your obligations, expirations, renewals, and performance.

– Accountability: Enforcing accountability and access control for different users and roles can enhance security, confidentiality, and auditing.

– Collaboration: Facilitating collaboration among different stakeholders such as legal, procurement, finance, and business units can improve communication, alignment, and outcomes.

– Growth: Expanding your business or entering new markets can require scalability, flexibility, and agility in your contract management processes.

What are some top contract management systems in the UK?

There are numerous contract management systems available in the UK, ranging from basic to advanced, and from off-the-shelf to customisable solutions. Some of the top contract management systems in the UK are:

– Gatekeeper: A cloud-based platform that offers end-to-end contract management with features such as contract authoring, approvals, renewals, compliance, and analytics. It also provides integrations with Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and DocuSign, among others.

– ContractPodAi: A virtual assistant for contract management that uses AI and NLP technologies to automate contract creation, evaluation, and review. It also supports multilingual, cross-jurisdictional, and cross-border contracts.

– Determine: A source-to-pay suite that includes contract management, procurement, supplier management, and analytics. It also provides configurable workflows, templates, and dashboards for different industries and use cases.

– Icertis: A contract lifecycle management platform that enables enterprises to manage complex contracts such as NDAs, MSAs, and SLAs. It also offers AI-powered insights, risk management, and compliance features, as well as integrations with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and ServiceNow.

– Zycus: A procurement suite that includes contract management, spend analytics, e-sourcing, and supplier performance management. It also provides configurable workflows, templates, and dashboards for different industries and use cases.


A contract management system can be a game-changer for your business, especially if you deal with multiple contracts, stakeholders, and regulations. It can help you save time, reduce errors, enhance visibility, enforce accountability, improve collaboration, and support growth. However, choosing the right contract management system for your needs can be challenging, as it depends on factors such as your budget, size, complexity, and industry. Therefore, it`s essential to do your research, compare different options, and consult with experts and users before making a decision.